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Dogs aren’t good bloggers October 3, 2006

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Well, it turns out I don’t have as many adventures as I thought I did… so Jenn might be taking over in the near future.  Not that she has adventures, but she sure does have a lot of thoughts!  She keeps trying to blog, and I have to remind her that this is the adventures of Super-Gidget, not Super-Jenn.   But after weeks of no adventures, I think it’s time to let go of the reigns, and let her to her typing.   Yes, it’s nice of me to offer to share my blog, but she really needs the practice (both with the thinking and with the typing).  I’m off to go take a nap. 

It’s been real.  It’s been fun.  Now go with all of your happiness and find a dog to pet.



Go Go Gidget Go August 26, 2006

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I’ve been traveling — just a little bit, but I’ve seen all I want to see for the time being.  Riding in a car is a terrifying experience.  I sit on the back seat and bore holes into Jenn’s back with sad doggie eyes, and shake… it’s just so scary.  But then the car finally stops, and I got to have a few adventures. img_0284.JPG

 Adventure #1:  Dallas Theological Seminary… I was snuck inside the building in Jenn’s beach bag, and I got to visit PAIGE K in her big-time office on campus!  Look, there I am sitting at her desk….   img_0286.JPG

Then we visited Jesus….

Adventure #2:  Initially, I was very excited to finally see Jesus…. but then it turned out he was copper.  Not the real Jesus, in case you were wondering.  A little bit disappointing.


Adventure #3:  So then after DTS, Jenn and I drove alllll the way up to Allen, TX, to meet the famous AIDAN!!!  His mom is Jenn’s college friend Stephanie, and his dad is the Northwestern Mutual always-winning-a-new-contest, Loren.   Aidan’s got good genes, but for right now, I’m just glad someone is smaller than me.    img_0299.JPG  img_0304.JPG 

Adventure #5:  Our last adventure involved yet another long drive from Allen to Tyler.  In Tyler, I got to eat my first ice cream… it was a special just-for-dogs frozen custard … yum!


And after that, I just wanted to GO HOME.  So we did.



Working girls… July 28, 2006

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This could apply to both me and Jenn.  I have my job, she has hers.  I spend my days guarding the house, and resting to make sure I have adequate energy when she comes home.  I know how much she loves throwing my squeakers over and over down the hall, and, ok, I’ll admit it, I love chasing them as much as she enjoys throwing them.  She’s lucky, she spends all day chatting with doctors, and teaching them how to save lives.  If it weren’t for her, I’m sure there would be more dead people in Sugar Land.  That’s why I try to make it as happy as a place for her when she returns in the evening.  I know it must relax her to pet me, so I make sure to jump in her lap and flip over so she can rub my belly every time she sits down.  I’m a very intuitive dog, hate to brag, but it’s true.  That’s another of my super powers…. Shhhhh!  She thinks I’m just a sweet dog who doesn’t know any better… she doesn’t know how hard I work to be sweet.  I guess we’re all hard workers these days.  She works hard for the money, and I work hard for the belly rubs.  It’s a good life.  🙂

img_0278.JPG  img_0280.JPG


No No No! July 26, 2006

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Say it isn’t so so so!  Lance Bass is gay???  The world can fall apart… but not N’Sync.  And certainly not green-eyed cutie Lance Bass!!!!  lance1.gifThe star of that great romance, On the Line?  The boy who inspired Jenn to email the Russian space program?  Never!  And yet… he has a boyfriend.  No misunderstandings there.  Add this to the fact that Nick and Jessica nlachey_jsimpson.jpg broke up this year… It’s almost like you can’t trust Hollywood.  If you can’t trust Hollywood, who can you trust?  What is happening to the world?!  You’d almost think they were all putting on this big huge act, pretending to be something they’re not.  Sheesh.  Like we’re stupid or something… 

What do I do?  Where do I go?  Are there no more heroes?  What about the bobble heads?  I am truly in the depths of despair.  My hopes and dreams?  The remnants are crushed with today’s news… Alas, I must bid them bye bye bye.      


Guestbook July 24, 2006

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The guestbook seems to be a critical element to a blog… so here it is.  Please feel free to sign by adding a comment to this post.  Much love, kibbles, and warm squeekies to you.


On Being The Dog of the House

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So, Jenn leaves me in the morning, and as soon as she’s gone, men start trying to tear the house apart.  The only reason they have not yet succeeded, I am sure, is because I am here to protect it.  I stand guard at the window every day to make sure they know that I am watching them.  I do my best to intimidate the men all day by staring at them and wagging my tail.  They must realize my wagging tail could beat them into whimpering puppy-men, sad-golden-puppy.jpg because they disappear before Jenn makes it home in the evening.  Then I stand on my hind legs and wave my paws at Jenn to let her know I’ve kept the house safe for her all day. dancing-gidge.jpg Whew…. it’s a hard job, but it’s what I do. 


Aidan is a baby July 20, 2006

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Sorry for any confusion… we’re all learning how this blog thingy works… Aidan is a sweet adorable human baby who was just born to the cutest little couple ever, Steph and Loren.  Check out their blogger blog here…   Congrats.  You are going to make great parents!!!