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Home Sweet Home??? July 16, 2006

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What a mess!  The crew started work replacing the siding of our home over a week ago.  However, they are very very slow!  On top of that, one of the team had to be sent home Friday because he was “3 sheets to the wind”, according to the foreman.  I am certain it will be worth it in the long run… but right now, the garage is full of stinky ugly tools and boards and stuff… the sidewalk is full of nails and splinters.  Jenn has to pick me up and carry me outside away from it all so I can do my business without contracting tetnus or severing an artery.  I’ve posted some in-progress pics. 

 img_0239.JPG   img_0258.JPG img_0227.JPG  img_0231.JPG 

We have so much to be thankful for!  As much as I complain about the stink in the garage and the nails on the sidewalk, I know this is a project that had to happen, and will be so wonderful when it is completed. 


2 Responses to “Home Sweet Home???”

  1. Day Liles Says:

    Well this all looks super exciting! I’m just glad
    I found your web site, Gidget. Your mommy has never
    told me it even existed. You tell her she’s working
    too hard!

  2. Dad Says:

    Just wondering where my first comment went? I know it was rather a dud but just wondering.

    Hope you are doing better here at the end of the day. And Gidget? She’s still the best dog in the world. But . . . she has done a good job to bring Pooch closer to “best” status. Yes, a great model.

    Your Mom has just about got dinner ready. So, I’m off to the table.

    Dad . . .

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