The Amazing Adventures of Super-Gidget

Chronicles of a little white dog, her girl, and their life in the big city

Stubborn Baby July 19, 2006

Filed under: friends — superchick @ 2:33 am

Where oh where is Aidan?  What is he doing in there, anyway?  Why doesn’t he want to come play? 


4 Responses to “Stubborn Baby”

  1. Aidan Says:

    I’m inside mommy. It’s nice and warm in here. I’ll come out when I’m ready. I can’t wait to play with Gidget.

    Can’t wait to meet you Jen.

  2. ac Says:

    okay, i am confused. who is aidan, and why does he want to meet jen?!

  3. Dad Says:

    Aidan troubles me. Surely, he / it is a safe distance away from the immediate premises. That way, when he does appear, he will leave the place.

  4. Standing behind you! Says:

    Aidan? I want to know where Saigon is! He stole my crepe. And he owes me a tuna salad. If you see him, do not trust him. And if you speak with him, do not smell his breath. He hates that…

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