The Amazing Adventures of Super-Gidget

Chronicles of a little white dog, her girl, and their life in the big city

On Being The Dog of the House July 24, 2006

Filed under: squeakers — superchick @ 10:29 am

So, Jenn leaves me in the morning, and as soon as she’s gone, men start trying to tear the house apart.  The only reason they have not yet succeeded, I am sure, is because I am here to protect it.  I stand guard at the window every day to make sure they know that I am watching them.  I do my best to intimidate the men all day by staring at them and wagging my tail.  They must realize my wagging tail could beat them into whimpering puppy-men, sad-golden-puppy.jpg because they disappear before Jenn makes it home in the evening.  Then I stand on my hind legs and wave my paws at Jenn to let her know I’ve kept the house safe for her all day. dancing-gidge.jpg Whew…. it’s a hard job, but it’s what I do. 


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