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No No No! July 26, 2006

Filed under: squeakers — superchick @ 10:24 am

Say it isn’t so so so!  Lance Bass is gay???  The world can fall apart… but not N’Sync.  And certainly not green-eyed cutie Lance Bass!!!!  lance1.gifThe star of that great romance, On the Line?  The boy who inspired Jenn to email the Russian space program?  Never!  And yet… he has a boyfriend.  No misunderstandings there.  Add this to the fact that Nick and Jessica nlachey_jsimpson.jpg broke up this year… It’s almost like you can’t trust Hollywood.  If you can’t trust Hollywood, who can you trust?  What is happening to the world?!  You’d almost think they were all putting on this big huge act, pretending to be something they’re not.  Sheesh.  Like we’re stupid or something… 

What do I do?  Where do I go?  Are there no more heroes?  What about the bobble heads?  I am truly in the depths of despair.  My hopes and dreams?  The remnants are crushed with today’s news… Alas, I must bid them bye bye bye.      


One Response to “No No No!”

  1. Standing behind you! Says:

    Not the bobble heads! In a world of anatomically impossible Barbies, even gay Lance Bass bobble heads can still find hope. You must run – don’t walk – RUN! to Toys R Us, purchase seven Barbie Dolls, run home, and join their hands to form a circle around the Lance Bass Bobble Head to give him maximum exposure.

    Now, this next step will involve some minor law-breaking, but it must be done! You must burn the songs “God must have spent a little more time on you” and “This I promise you” onto a CD, over and over, filling the CD with those two songs. Place the CD carefully in a CD-Player, hit “Play”, and set to repeat. The CD must play for 48 consecutive hours. Give Lance B.’s head a little nudge so he will be forced to take in the full view of the prize, and remind him that there is still hope.

    Finally, you must remove the other bobbleheads from the vicinity. The Nsync marathon without the Barbies will cause immediate and irreversible gayness, which will only complicate your issues.

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