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Chronicles of a little white dog, her girl, and their life in the big city

Go Go Gidget Go August 26, 2006

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I’ve been traveling — just a little bit, but I’ve seen all I want to see for the time being.  Riding in a car is a terrifying experience.  I sit on the back seat and bore holes into Jenn’s back with sad doggie eyes, and shake… it’s just so scary.  But then the car finally stops, and I got to have a few adventures. img_0284.JPG

 Adventure #1:  Dallas Theological Seminary… I was snuck inside the building in Jenn’s beach bag, and I got to visit PAIGE K in her big-time office on campus!  Look, there I am sitting at her desk….   img_0286.JPG

Then we visited Jesus….

Adventure #2:  Initially, I was very excited to finally see Jesus…. but then it turned out he was copper.  Not the real Jesus, in case you were wondering.  A little bit disappointing.


Adventure #3:  So then after DTS, Jenn and I drove alllll the way up to Allen, TX, to meet the famous AIDAN!!!  His mom is Jenn’s college friend Stephanie, and his dad is the Northwestern Mutual always-winning-a-new-contest, Loren.   Aidan’s got good genes, but for right now, I’m just glad someone is smaller than me.    img_0299.JPG  img_0304.JPG 

Adventure #5:  Our last adventure involved yet another long drive from Allen to Tyler.  In Tyler, I got to eat my first ice cream… it was a special just-for-dogs frozen custard … yum!


And after that, I just wanted to GO HOME.  So we did.



2 Responses to “Go Go Gidget Go”

  1. Aidan Says:

    What happened to Adventure #4? Did you forget how to count?

  2. Standing behind you! Says:


    I want some of your ice cream! And I didn’t know you would fit inside of a bag. I have some super-secret spying that I could use your services for. What do you think?

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