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No No No! July 26, 2006

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Say it isn’t so so so!  Lance Bass is gay???  The world can fall apart… but not N’Sync.  And certainly not green-eyed cutie Lance Bass!!!!  lance1.gifThe star of that great romance, On the Line?  The boy who inspired Jenn to email the Russian space program?  Never!  And yet… he has a boyfriend.  No misunderstandings there.  Add this to the fact that Nick and Jessica nlachey_jsimpson.jpg broke up this year… It’s almost like you can’t trust Hollywood.  If you can’t trust Hollywood, who can you trust?  What is happening to the world?!  You’d almost think they were all putting on this big huge act, pretending to be something they’re not.  Sheesh.  Like we’re stupid or something… 

What do I do?  Where do I go?  Are there no more heroes?  What about the bobble heads?  I am truly in the depths of despair.  My hopes and dreams?  The remnants are crushed with today’s news… Alas, I must bid them bye bye bye.      


On Being The Dog of the House July 24, 2006

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So, Jenn leaves me in the morning, and as soon as she’s gone, men start trying to tear the house apart.  The only reason they have not yet succeeded, I am sure, is because I am here to protect it.  I stand guard at the window every day to make sure they know that I am watching them.  I do my best to intimidate the men all day by staring at them and wagging my tail.  They must realize my wagging tail could beat them into whimpering puppy-men, sad-golden-puppy.jpg because they disappear before Jenn makes it home in the evening.  Then I stand on my hind legs and wave my paws at Jenn to let her know I’ve kept the house safe for her all day. dancing-gidge.jpg Whew…. it’s a hard job, but it’s what I do.